Many times in life, you encounter many times where you have a png image file, but what you need is an svg file for ease of work, vids such as cutting and manipulating on Cricut, Printing the images you like on any Any product whether it’s a t-shirt, blanket, mug, or even a printed decal. Today will show you how to convert a png image file into an svg file.

You can choose website xxx for converting PNG files to svg format online by going to

Step 1

Step 1: Go to the site:

Step 2

Step 2: When you scroll down, you will see options to convert the file format. Here we can see:

  • Image to Vector
  • Bulk SVG to PNG
  • Typography Designer
  • Free SVG Gallery
  • 3D Mockup Generator
  • Word Cloud Maker

Since here we are focusing on converting the file format from png to svg so we will choose: Image to Vector

Step 2.1

After selecting the “Image to Vector” section as instructed, you will click on “Choose a file” to upload your existing PNG file. Please note that your PNG file must be of good quality so that when converting to vector, the border of the image is smooth without breaking and folding. The color of the output svg file also depends a lot on the quality of your input image. So I advise you to prepare yourself a PNG image file with good quality so that you can have the svg file as you want.

Step 4: Choose and customize the Colors, Simplify, Palette to your liking.

Step 4

Step 5:

When you want to increase or decrease the number of “Colors” as you like, press the + or – button on the right and left hand side of the Colors box, do the same with “Simplify” and “Palette” if you want to change. Here I choose 3. When finished selecting Colors, we will see the color displayed on the side and from there we can customize it to best suit our purposes. We recommend choosing PNG images with not too complicated color numbers. Because with this online conversion. Choosing images with too many colors will take a long time to convert, and the maximum number of converted colors will not meet your needs. For colorful images we recommend you to use professional software such as: Adobe Illutrator or you can buy it right at our website at a very cheap price compared to the experience they bring.

Step 5.

Step 6:

Step 6.

Click “Generate” when you’re done tweaking the options to your needs. Then press “Download SVG” and wait for a moment. Your svg file will be downloaded to your computer and so we have completed the conversion from PNG file to SVG file very simply with just a few steps. We hope this article will help you to convert files from PNG format to SVG format yourself. Thank you!